How to Play and Win 9 Ball Pool Games

If you love playing pool tables you would definitely love the 9 ball pool game. In case you are new to this game don’t worry it is a simple straight forward game wherein 9 balls are placed on the pool table and are numbered from 1 to 9. A player who pockets the ball numbered 9 first wins the game.

While at the outset it sounds simple, every time a player plays a shot, the cue ball has to hit the lowest-numbered ball on the table first before hitting any other balls. In case the cue ball hits a ball with a higher number first or does not hit any balls the shot is a foul.

There are different strategies players adopt to win the 9 ball pool game.

Pocket by Order: – In this strategy, the focus is to always pocket the lowest numbered balls one by one in such a manner that only 9 ball is left in the end and player pockets it last to win the game. This is a simple straight forward approach and players are not distracted or give in to greed.

Combo Shot : – Another way to win the 9 ball game is to pocket the 9 ball by connecting the cue ball or other balls in the table after hitting the lowest-numbered ball on the table. This is a high-risk shot as there is a chance that you will end up not pocketing any balls on the table or worse leave the 9 ball vulnerable to the opponent. But if you can get it right you win the game quite fast

Pocket 9 ball on the break: – The third strategy is to pocket the 9 ball on the break. This requires highest amount of skill and top notch players have time and again pocketed the 9 ball on the break proving that this can be done.

9 ball online pool games are available online and you can play them anywhere anytime. provides 9 ball pool games where you can practise for free and also you can play 9 ball pool for cash and win real cash for every win of yours. Please note in Skill4Win you get additional points if you are able to pocket the 9 ball at the earliest.

Practise games are available for free so we highly recommend you practise your game before upgrading to cash games.

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