Teachers Day Special – 5-September-2018

Amazing comments as to how teachers have inspired and touched each of our life in Skill4Win Facebook Page.

  1. Nidhi Khemka –


Dear kiran Mam,
I am too honoured to say you that by your hard efforts and hard work which you show on me i am now in this position.You had taught me right path to walk in.You had given me understanding of moral values and to respect our teachers.You had made me a self dependent human being for all this and your all support in my studies and other then that in all the things i am too thankful to you….. Nidhi Khemka??I can grow in height and age but i will always be yours student and you will always be my favourite teacher..

Yours and always yours student


2. Manju Agrawal My teacher Kamla devi.

Unka jeevan bahut kathin tha par wo hamesha muskarati rahti thi .
#Happy teachersDay
#TeachersDay 2018


3.Ramesh Shah


#Contest I am very thankful to my #Ramdas Sir, who has enlightened my path . He become more of my friend so that a comfort zone can be made and we have good understanding, bonding. I remember one incident , I went for an interview because of low confidence, I was not able to complete the task they have given me. I felt disheartened and loser. In place of going home, I went to my computer teacher sir in institute . He ask me to do the same project which interviewer hv given me and I failed. He boost me and remarked that “being dishearten can’t make u a winner and if u want to be a winner the keep rolling”. His words had done a motivational magic and pumped a lot of confidence in myself resultant of which has given me my dream job.

4. Mamta Gupta #TeachersDay #September5 #Skill4Win 
My message is dedicated to my class teacher as well as my geography teacher #MrKuldeep)

Dear Teacher, 

You are my teacher, my strength and my support. You made me believe in me. 

I remember the first day you came to our class and few students including me played a prank on you and you got hurt. But you didn’t complain to the principal even after her asking. That day only you developed a special respect in my heart. I still remember you asked me to participate in the interschool contest but I was very nervous because I use to stammer a lot. 

You use to say,”there are 3 solutions to every problem. Accept it, change It or leave it. If you can’t accept it, change it, if you can’t change it leave it. It’s upto you. Being a teacher I ask you to accept it as a challenge. It was your belief that I would be able to grab the 1st position and mad you feel proud. And receiving trophy from your hands just doubled my happiness. Thanks for believing me, pushing me to achieve the best. Thank you teaching me to read and write and to distinguish what’s wrong and right. You taught me to dream and soar as a kite. Thanks you for being my guide, mentor and light. Today what I’m I owe to you!!!!

Your loving student.

Few lines for him::
Shiksha ka gahra samandar hote hi teacher, knowledge test karne wale hote hi yeh meter.
Inki data mein bhi pyar chupa tha, Future ka saar chupa tha.
Aaj hum jo hi karan aap hi, isiliye izzat ke hakdar aap hi.
Maa ke baad mere guru aap hi, jeevan ke jo path sikhaye who insaan aap hi.
Isiliye maa ke baad aata apka sathan, jo jeevan sawar de who paye ucch sathan.

Simple Tangri Hetal Rawat Seema Aggarwal

5. Simple Tangri #TeachersDay?‍? #September5 #Teacher #skill4win

In all another profession the teacher’s job is very great, and no one can become like them. It should be highlight always by students among the teachers. In everyone’s life teachers play a very important role to build up their Future. My Best Teacher #MrsSmitaChaturvedi Ma’am (in the picture and me far behind) is the real holder of knowledge, enlightenment and prosperity. She nourished and prepared me for my life. Though she had lots of daily routine problems just like us and our parents but she always kept her teaching profession at top and attends schools to teach us the lessons of life with responsibilities. Nobody say them thanks for their priceless job. So, we as students have some responsibility towards our teachers at least we can say them thanks once a year. The very foundation of my life’s achievement has folds of beautiful things she has done for me being the #BESTTEACHER and she deserve all the good that may come her way anywhere in the world. I want to thank you for all the love and care you have bestowed upon me and that too selflessly

6. Chanda Devi Dalmiya #TeachersDay #September5 #Skill4Win 

My favourite teacher’s name is Nitu Agarwal MY TEACHER OF CLASS 9 TAUGHT ME THAT If you aren’t familiar with your own values and principles, it might be difficult to understand which is the right path. Make sure to write your values in stone. Every action has consequences, but when you have your values beside you, you can climb life’s ladder with support. Reaching your goals can become a much easier achievement. this advice frm her has completely changed my life n i follow it in every aspect.

I remember walking into my high school lit class on the first day of school and the instructor informed us that his class wasn’t going to be an easy ride, but that we were going to have some fun along the way. He introduced us to Steinbeck, Shakespeare and burp baseball. We read poetry outdoors, many times staying after the bell rang to listen to the last sonnet. He pushed us and we eagerly showed up to his class ready to learn. The thing that stuck with me the most was his passion and love for teaching. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life, but I knew I wanted to love doing it.

7. Miss #Nalini mam is my idol because she is very calm ,cool n she is very supportive…

There are no words to describe and there is no word to show my gratitude towards her. What I’m today is only because of her. She was funny, kind and interesting. She was a loving teacher and could make you have the best day possible at school. She was exactly the kind of person whom children would love to see on their first day in class at a new school. She knew how to make people feel special. Yes I’m talking about the best teacher I’ve ever seen in my life.. I was feeling lost amidst all the happy chattering children. That’s when Ma’am came and talked to me. But the problem was I didn’t know to speak in English properly. That was the most embarrassing moment on the first day at a new school. I somehow managed to stutter and stammer and talk to her. I was sure I made a bad impression on her. But she found it rather amusing. She just smiled and said, “I hope you have a fun year in my class. I know you are feeling a bit low at the moment. But don’t worry; you’ll make friends in two days. Just be happy with how things are going on. Keep that sweet smile of yours on and everyone would want to talk to you.” And yes, she was right! By the end of the first day, two girls came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be their friend. And I obviously agreed. This was just one of the many instances that made me like my favourite mam.

Days passed. Classes were going on fine. Since I used to reach early to class, I used to talk to her. We bonded fast. There was not a single day that I would go home without saying ‘bye’ to her. She helped improve my English. We used have a creative writing period. She was impressed with my writing and encouraged me to write more. And little by little she built up my English and made me confident.

I consider her as a Living God in my life because she showed me the right way to reach the goal. Whatever I’m today, I owe it all to her #TeachersDay2018 #Contest

8.Shruti Agrawal Koorichh I am really inspired by my biology teacher suparna gosh mam.She always used to say to me that “DO YOUR BEST LEAVE THE REST” and her this sentence made me capable of understanding my inner skills. She is my motivator and I am blessed to have her.
#TeachersDay #Skill4Win #Teacher

9.Tincy Annie Varughese #TeachersDay #September5 #Skill4Win 

#HappyTeachersDay #Thankyouteacher

My favourite teacher who has given me wings is #SrElizabeth SIC, who is the best teacher and the perfect hostel warden that I know .During school days, I am a weak student in Physics and I was not at all confident. Through her motivation and support,I was able to obtain a higher self esteem and a higher opinion of myself. I am able to look into the mirror and for one of the first times ever, be proud of the person that I am. She believed in me, and that’s all that I really needed. She was always so clear in her explanations and included special tutions for Physics where I could always understand what she was trying to get it from me.

She is a nun and does this great service of educating students for last five decades. And proudly i can say my mom is also studied in the same school, where she was her primary school teacher (the picture that I attached is taken when we last visited her) . She was the person during my school days who has left a great positive impression in my life .She taught me the meaning of values and life, and how to excel, due to her blessings. She truly inspired me to be a good human and being who spreads social values & virtues wherever I go. And I am sure just like me, even my batch mates couldn’t have forgotten such a beautiful person!! She continues to inspire us and motivate us. We are what we are because of her .. She is my admiration,good guide, philosopher. Thank you sister and thank you all my teachers who give shape and aim to my life. And I can proudly say she changed the way that I think about myself. A very Happy teachers day to all my teachers. DONE IN ALL PLATFORMS

10. Vishnu Kant Agrawal #TeachersDay #September5 #Teacher#skill4win

I have had many teachers who taught me a lot about life. But there is one person whom I can never forget. He was my ninth grade maths teacher Naresh Agarwal He taught me to follow my heart always, do what I want to do even in the worst possible circumstances. He was one of a kind.

He had lost his right am in an accident. But he didn’t want to give up on life, he chose to teach and spread his love for maths. He had earned enough to last him a life time by then, he didn’t have to work. I never saw a teacher work as hard as the students. He went through all the research papers, found the most tricky problems which required a lot of logic application than “donkey work”. Maths has always been easy for me in school level. I never paid attention in maths classes and had always taken maths for granted. He changed that, I always looked forward to his classes. I used to spend most part of my day trying to solve maths assignments. He was not like the usual teachers. He gave more importance to thought process than the final outcome.

I never got to thank him and tell him that he was the world’s best teacher.

11. Nidhi Agrawal #TeachersDay #September5 #Teacher #skill4win

In my whole school life I met with many teachers who were so good and helpful.. but the whom I cannot forget is my teacher #ushaMam. She was very stricked and a best teacher, from her I have learnt many things but the one thing which I cannot forget that “Practise” it means when we were unable to solve mathematical sums we were getting upset that time she gave us an example that.. “At first if u will make a chapati it will not be in in the round shape but if u make chapati everyday basis than it will automatically comes in a shape.. why because its our practise so in order to solve sums or anything practise is must” I followed that & I still follow this rule.. & her this wordings gave me an inspiration that nothing is impossible.. to achieve something first u need to make changes in ur self & need to do practise..I still thanx her for the good knowledge & inspiration which she has given me..

12. Dinesh Jangid Skill4win

Miss. ARCHANNA…My favorite professor and mentor (who I am still very close with to this day) told me “do what you love and the money will follow” which is also a book by Marsha Sinetar she gave it to me on the day of my graduation and She said “The point is to follow your heart and passion, not the money” . When you truly enjoy what you do, it makes all the difference. Its been 4 years later, and I still LOVE my current job and that Book remind’s me that if I ever stop loving it, then it’s time to re-think. The best book i ever got and read. It changed my life. Thank you so much Archanna Mam
Aptech Learning

13. Gunavathy Ghun Jain #TeachersDay2018
I Learnt biggest lesson of my life from my teacher Sarala ParmarMam..She came to school on her wedding day,the reason she gave was follow ur passion ,do what gives u happiness no matter what happens around.That lesson guides me whenever i feel demotivated.Thats why its said GURU BRAHMA ,GURU VISHNU ,GURU SAKSHAT PARBHAHRM…Salute to you Dear Teachers…

Thank you for sharing,
your wisdom with me everyday.
Thank you for your style,
that helped in every way.
You make it fun,
and help them smile.
And build our futures,
all the while.
You spark our interest,
make us think
To help us find,
the missing link.
Building minds alone.U taught me lession of life n also Maths,
To bring out my best ,
U scold me when I braked the rules,
n also taught with discipline n rules,
Sometimes U rewarded & sometimes punished,
To excavate potential in me unleashed,
Thank You Mam for being sweet yet stern,
Because of you, all that I could learn,
I yet remember that day u shine with PRIDE,
When I scored in 10th in top 10 ,
I still remember “u have very creative mind” ur compliment,
The impact of your help is so significant,
I loved u n will love U,
I’m writing this msg .. CREDITS goes to U.”
is not an easy mission.
And needs someone special,
for this unique position.
How you do it is not a guess.
You all simply are the very best

14. Sunita Katyal #TeachersDay?‍? #September5 #Teacher #skill4winMy sports Teacher #MsAnjuMatta taught me to respect & value every second of time as that micro second can differentiate between a winner & a loser! Whether it’s sports car racing,motorbike racing or just any race that micro second makes big difference!

She taught me to always stay cool & calm as anger is always just one letter away from Danger! She always did less correcting & more connecting with me always guiding me! She also taught me to never give up in life as when the going gets tough the tough gets going!She has taught me that dreams can be chased if you have the vision and dedication.

15. Sapna Udaywal Skill4win
#TeachersDay #September5
Teahers are our Guru (in hindi)-
Gu’ means Guhya or darkness and ‘Ru’ means remover or alleviator. They are torch bearers .Teacher or Guru removes our ignorance and elighten our path towards happy ,successful,worth living life

They polish our potentials and mould us in a pefect and wise individual.

I feel Thankful from the core of heart for my teachers who showed utmost patience to imbibe great values and knowledge in me .My Maths and music teacher #ShantiSharma left no stone unturned to help me to overcome my phobia of numbers and Maths .Her music classed used to be great stress busters for all

She always motivated us by saying – “No obstacle can be bigger than your courage and self confidence to overcome it so never give up”

“Kosish Karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti
Mehnat kabhi bekaar nahi hoti”
Kamala Subramanian
Savita Baghel
Khusbu Balasaria
Manju Nihalani

16.Ishani Dhar Dutta Where can I go in my life, I will always remember that I have excellent leadership as a teacher like u Sharmistha Majumdar I found the manual, friendship, discipline and love, all rolled into one. Without you, I would have been lost. THANKS FOR guiding me, inspiring me and makes me what we have today.

I will always be grateful for all the hard work and effort that you put in the field of education to me.

You are a friend, philosopher and guide, all formed in one person.

My Teacher is a Pleasure
You are like a Treasure.
Your words are like Love to me.
Your Grace is like a Beautiful Dove for me.
I never went for Tuition
As you Removed All My Confusions.
We both Dance and Study in Frolic.
I Sense Grace, Love and a little Place
In Your Heart for me.
You are the one who has given me wings..
You taught me the meaning of values, life, and how to excel,
due to your blessings, I am doing well…
Elegant and smart
truthful at heart
You considered teaching as an art

Your lessons were extremely interesting, efficient and absolutely fascinating. Your lovely personality also contributed to the success of your teaching and lessons. You made me feel like one of your own. You shaped my destiny and gave me confidence. You encourage me to ask questions so that i may be able to understand the subject well. You never lost patience with i took long to grasp the subject. You are a great combination of kindness and strictness.

You are very popular, but you are not conceited. You are courteous to your colleagues and the principal of the school. I have never seen you frowning or lose temper. You remained calm even when there is a crisis of any kind. You make me love going to school. You are an ideal teacher and provides me with a good role model. You always used to make the class laugh and you always had everyone’s attention
#TeachersDay #September5 #Skill4Win

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